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Thanoon Seafood Restaurant

Thanoon Seafood Restaurant

Jul 13, 2015


Just off the island at the beginning of Phang Nga Province,

right by the Sarasin Bridge connecting Phuket to the mainland

you’ll find a peaceful restaurant

called Thanoon Seafood right on the beach.


On the one side of the restaurant you have sea views

and the other looks directly up to the newly constructed bridge.

Don’t worry though; there is no traffic noise here,

just the gentle slap of waves on the beach.

Thanoon, as you may already have guessed, serves fish,

lobsters, crabs, and all manner of seafood

and has a live tank from which you can choose your still-living meal.

There are a couple of thatched-roof salas in which to eat

or you can choose one of the several beachside tables;

either way this is a tranquil and scenic spot and worth the drive

up to the north of the island.

Several dishes are worth trying here: Phuket oysters,

when compared to their French equivalent huîtres fines de Claire,

are absolute monsters and a fraction of the cost of their Gallic cousins

so do try a plate of these, along with with garlic and chili.

Geng som (meaning ‘orange curry’) is historically speaking

Thailand’s oldest chronicled curry and is a deceptively simple dish.

It does have quite a spicy bite to it, though. Try a Thai salad, yam gung siap made

with crispy smoked prawns along with a typical

Thai dish tod man gung – prawn cakes – both as fresh as can be.

Of course you’re not going to be able to order a chilled bottle of five-year-old

Valpolicella here but that’s not a disadvantage as many gastronomic

experts claim that the best beverage to go along

with spicy Thai food is an ice-cold beer, of which there is plenty at Thanoon.

Try some ice in it for that extra-cool effect.


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