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Six Senses Sanctuary, Phuket

Six Senses Sanctuary, Phuket

Jul 22, 2011

When it’s time for a vacation from your vacation, cleanse your body and soul at Six Senses Sanctuary, an exceptional way to unwind.

With Phuket’s reputation as a party stronghold, there was bound to be some backlash against the all-night full moon parties and cocktails served in buckets. Well, here it is – Six Senses Sanctuary. Located on Phuket’s Naka Yai Island, the resort preaches holistic wellness in its food, activities, and landscaping.

61 Pool Villas and Pool Villa Suites offer minimal tropical design, and – of course – private pools. Enjoy open-air baths and steam showers, as well as plush white outdoor loungers and citrus fruit growing in the surrounding greenery.

For action, try various healthful cooking classes, mountain biking, or rowing. But to really understand Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket, one needs to experience its wellness facilities. Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, and Indian, therapies range from body rubs and holistic fitness, to stress-reducing practices and disease prevention.

When it’s time to re-tox, just follow the baseline back to any one of Thailand’s party meccas.

Room & Suites: 61 – Nightly Rates from: THB 16,450


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