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Phuket Walking Street

Phuket Walking Street

Apr 28, 2016

The main entrance of Phuket Walking Street

is on the eastern (Phuket Road)

side of Thalang Road at which a superb wooden

Chinese-style gate has been installed.

The gate boasts a sign with LARDYAI written

in three languages (Thai, Chinese, and English)

Thalang Road was one of the first Phuket Old Town streets along

which electric cables were buried in 2012, in an effort to revive its vintage splendor.

Thalang Road’s Baba house facades have even been further enhanced by the addition of colour-changing lighting effects – from blue to green to magenta – on many of the townhouses along the street, giving the place a ‘history meets technology’ feeling.

Phuket Old Town has always been a commercial hub,

and nowadays, Thalang Road still hosts many shops selling fabrics/tissues,

tools, sports equipment, clothes, and traditional medicines

The two main items sold at Phuket Walking Street are food and souvenirs.

Barbecued squid, chicken and pork are certainly the favourite dishes

if you consider the number of stands selling them. Fruit juices,

ice-creams and khanoms (Thai traditional sweets) are also very popular.

There’s even a stall selling horse-shoe crabs, which is somewhat unusual.

The international side of Phuket is represented as an original tuk-tuk

sells beef and chicken burgers at the end of the street.

Summing up, Phuket Walking Street – Lardyai Phuket – is an attractive place

to spend a late Sunday afternoon, and a good opportunity

to discover charming Phuket Old Town in the best conditions possible.


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