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Phuket Bike Week 2013

Phuket Bike Week 2013

Jan 9, 2013

In April the Phuket Bike Week is one of the “Biggest Motorcycle”
events in Southeast Asia.
Hanging-outs all around the islands.
With a great collections of superbikes and shoppers like, Harley Davidson, Honda, ….
Also a lot of fun, with music contests, Charity’s, Party’s, ….
A good time to reserve your holiday ! 
Booking your Hotel or Resort on time !


Phuket Bike Week



  1. Hi,can i know when & location for the next Phuket bike week 2015.Can i know which is the best hotel near this Bike week location,walking distance.Can u show me the list of best hotels.pls get back to me ASAP as i need to book the flt and hotel in advanced.Thanks

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