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Patong Beach night market

Patong Beach night market

Jul 22, 2011

One of Patong’s main attractions, besides the nightlife, is shopping. Many small stalls and markets line the streets offering everything from t-shirts and clothing, silk, carvings, souvenirs, shoes, CD’s and DVD’s. Bargain hard for anything you buy from these stalls, as everything is negotiable in Patong and starting prices are often ridiculously high. Get a local to help you haggle rather than complain about it, or if you don’t have a local to help you out, just halve the originally price and meet somewhere in between.
Shopping at shopping malls in Phuket is a lot saver and cost effective. Price of a pair of sunglasses for example will be the same price as stalls on beach road.

While the night market here is good, it not comparable to Chiang Mai night markets. But if you are not going to Chiang Mai or even Bangkok, it will give the the Thai market feel. I still recommend to visit and see what is on offer.
One of the good things about the market being at night is the temperature has dropped a little and you can bargain as much as you want and not get too sun burnt or be sweating like a water fountain.


Along side all the market stalls there is many other retail shops which offer the market a mix of fake and genuine merchandise. They have sports shops (Nike, Adidas etc), Cigar shop, Ripcurl, tailors, gem stores and much more.

While Patong beach road markets don’t offer the great bargains as other markets do in Thailand, it does have it’s own feel to it. The atmosphere is great as it is along side the beach, close to bars and fine restaurants. Many people who do come to Thailand nowdays, fly straight in and out of Phuket, if you are on of these people, then Patong Beach Road Night Markets are the place to shop.


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