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Nai Yang beach

Nai Yang beach

Aug 2, 2011

Nai Yang and Mai Khao occupy the same stretch of coastline and the two beaches combined form over 10-km of pristine white sand. This is the longest stretch of beach on the island and is enjoyed by tourists and locals alike for its peaceful and secluded setting. Nai Yang offers a masterclass in beach relaxation. With attentive and friendly beach vendors providing the essentials as well as natures own contribution of a refreshing sea breeze and shady retreat under the tall Casuarina Trees, you have everything on hand to lie back and soak up this slice of paradise. If relaxation for you means a heavy dose of extreme sports, then Nai Yang has it’s own Kitesurfing school which run classes from beginner level right up to advanced. There are a number of shops along the beach selling surf and kiteboard equipment.

If Nai Yang beach offers perfect solitude, then the nature trail though the mangrove forest and saltwater swamps of Sirinath National park allows you to really connect with nature. Open daily, this is not to be missed and the 800m wooden walkway through the forest allows you to completely immerse yourself in the company of a wealth of different species of plants and wildlife.

Another way to acquaint yourself with the local culture is to check out the community market, which sets up its stalls three times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) close to the grounds of Wat Mongkol Wararam (Nai Yang Temple). With a wonderful variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and local dishes on offer, this colourful market serves up a traditional slice of local life which is far removed from the tourist orientated markets of busier resorts (although you can still purchase knock off CD’s, DVD’s and clothes, but who doesn’t like a bargain). For another interesting experience, head to the northern end of the beach, lie back in the sand and watch the planes fly in low over the beach only a few feet above you as they come into land at Phuket International Airport.
Whilst nightlife is fairly relaxed in Nai Yang, an evening drink and seafood BBQ in a friendly and laidback beach front bar or restaurant can be an attractive alternative to the fierce and frantic pace of the busier resorts on the island. There are in fact a number of restaurants serv


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