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Muay Thai in Thailand

Muay Thai in Thailand

Apr 21, 2012


Muay Thai is a descendant of Muay Boran.
The history of Muay Thai is profoundly intertwined
with the history of Thailand.



In the XIVth century, the Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya Siam poured down the neighboring kingdom of Angkor (modern Cambodia)
Described from the first century by the Chinese chronicles,
about the kingdom of “Fou-nan” (the Khmer ‘Phnom’),
the Khmer of Angkor already practiced for a thousand years the fighting techniques
learned from Hindu migrants by sea , of Kerala in India:
the techniques of Kalari Palat, ancestor of all Asian martial arts.
The Thai Siam adopted the techniques of fighting
that had until then assured the supremacy of the Khmer


In 1411, the death of the King of Siam Sen Muang Ma,
and his two son Ki Fang wanted to seize power.
Their armies are failing to decide on the battlefield, they decided to settle their dispute
by a duel
Each side chooses its best boxer.  The man of Fang was beaten , and Ki ascended the throne
The fighting technique of the “boxer” made school …


In the sixteenth century Muay Thai was part of military training.
It reached its highest degree of popularity in the early eighteenth century,
during the reign of Pra Chao Sua, “Tiger King”.
It was the favorite pastime of the population each village organized fights regularly.
The king, who was a very good boxer, was amused to challenge the local champions!
At the time the fighters were protecting their fists by horny hands with horsehair.
Later, the hair was replaced by cotton strips maintained with glue.
They used shells or bark of trees, such as shell!
At that time the fighting was no weight classes or time limits


In the 60: Base back instead of temporary U.S. military during the Vietnam War
(Marines Corp: Pattaya, Bangkok: U.S. Air Force),
Thailand made discovered Thai boxing to the Westerners.
It is this period that the tradition of the rings in the bars of Pattaya began.
A few wise businessmen, had found a way to put soldiers out for a good for their contribution to turnover …


Anecdotally, surely the works of these warm evenings,
give birth history of Kickboxing in America (1975),
as veterans of the Korean War had created in the United States,
the Full Contact derived of the Tae Kwon Do the learned with Korean instructors,
which is the most famous Jhoon Rhee, Master of the north American TKD


  Real national sport industry, Muay Thai sustains some 200,000 people,
boxers, coaches, traders, organizers, gamblers, etc..
This gigantic commercial business is managed by two organizations
composed of promoters who organize fights every day


The Lumpini, the most prestigious stadium and the most typical is managed by the army,
while the Radjadammoen, located in uptown from Bangkok,
is under the supervision of the police.
The number of practitioners is estimated at 100,000
and each week hundreds of battles take place across the country


Training camps in Phuket :
- Tiger Muay Thai
- Sinbi Muay Thai
- Lion Muay Thai
- Rawai Muay Thai




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