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Longtail Boat – Thailand

Longtail Boat – Thailand

May 7, 2012



The long tail boats boats are relatively flat and therefore can only sail in calm (no waves).
The Andaman Sea is generally flat as a mirror.
But it happens that this is not the case

A long-tail-boat is a type of boat native to Southeast Asia.
Often made from teak, a local wood rot and relatively common,
this type of boats are powered with a car engine attached to the top of a pole.
The motor used to operate the propeller to propel the boat
The long tail boat is a boat very flat and much wagging – after a while,
you end up completely soaked …
Luckily there is a space in the boat to keep our bags dry, otherwise they would be soaked …

The engine is easily accessible and maintenance.
The engine is a mechanically simple,  relatively easy.
The motor is along the pole or is at the other end the propeller for propelling the boat.
The boat is very noisy and polluting,  it esty powered by a car.
It’s a real walnut shell boat but experience and very nice and the frame, landscape, is fabulous.
Exotic, paradise on Earth, exceptional, I have no words to describe what I felt at that time

The long tail boat have some sort of tape on the bow,
to bring luck to the sailor and the boat.
Do not be like some who, unaware of this detail and wanting to sit at the bow,
sometimes sit on the tape …
Needless to say that such behavior, believed to bring bad luck,
is frowned upon, even if the sailor will tell you no, not wanting to seem rude


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