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Koh Doc Mai diving site

Koh Doc Mai diving site

Aug 10, 2011

Koh Doc Mai
Koh Doc Mai is a unique site, offering a good variety of diving experiences: it’s basically a huge rock in the open water in between Shark Point and Phuket. The eastern face drops off 30 metres down, where there are two caves to be explored. The western side features a series of steps up to the top, covered with hard and soft corals and giant gorgonians fan corals. It’s a notorious hangout for lobsters, crabs and shrimps, as well as numerous seahorses — best viewed during a night dive. Dives here reach a maximum depth of 30 metres. Usually visited as part of a Ko Phi Phi trip.
Some 10 nautical miles from Phuket stands a dramatic, uninhabited rock rising straight out of the sea. The dive Koh Doc Mai dive site makes a wonderful wall dive because her sheer cliffs continue down underwater.

Typically you will begin your dive Koh Doc Mai adventure down on the seabed at around 20m, where leopard sharks are often found resting. We will then work our way gradually up and along the wall. The Koh Doc Mai’s wall is a mass of life. Giant pufferfish, writhing white-eyed moray eels, and families of lionfish are to be found amongst the spectacular giant sea fans. Ko Doc Mai is a great diving Phuket Thailand spot for those who appreciate the smaller things in life. You can find various species of nudibranch and cowries, seahorses regularly make an appearance, and those with a keener eye might spot the odd anglerfish or ghost pipefish at the dive Koh Doc Mai dive site.

At 15m experienced divers can enter the smaller of the 2 caverns found part-way along the “dive Koh Doc Mai” wall… safe, yet deep enough to give that thrill that only cavern diving can. Your safety stop is normally spent amongst the porcupinefish and crocodile needlefish that hang out above the small plateau at the end of the wall.


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