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Kata and Kata Noi beaches

Kata and Kata Noi beaches

Jul 22, 2011

This is a great bathing beach in a beautiful bay. Kata Beach is sometimes referred to as Kata Yai (Big) to differentiate it from Kata Noi (small). It is just south of Karon and in fact the two resort towns of Karon and Kata merge together.

It is a wide strip of powdery sand lined with casuarina trees. The beach slopes gently into the sea making it a good place for children to play.

The small island at the north end of the beach is Boo Island (Crab Island). There is good snorkeling from the north end of the beach out towards the end of the headland. Under the water is a spectacular coral reef populated with lots of colourful fish. For strong swimmers, you can keep going all the way out to Boo island, which is a good 400-meter swim. There is another lovely reef on the south side of this island.

There are sun loungers lined along the beach. They cost 100 baht each. It is a popular beach but more laid back than Patong. The usual water-sport activities are available – jet-skis, banana boats and parasailing.

Kata is divided into two beach areas; Kata Noy and Kata Beach. Due to the long stretch of coral reefs linking to Crab Island, Kata it is extremely suitable for scuba diving, swimming and snorkelling. However, be extra cautious during the monsoon season as enormous waves, strong currents and hard winds might create dangerous situations.

Kata as well features many hotel establishments, guesthouses, shops, travel agencies and nightlife entertainment venues, which are mostly located around the beach.

Just south of Kata Beach is Kata Noi Beach (Kata small beach). It is smaller and less developed than Kata Beach. Soft, golden sand slopes into the inviting sea making a great bathing beach.

We also give this beach high marks as a snorkeling location. The headland at the south end of the beach has a lot of corals and plenty of beautiful fish. The corals here survived the tsunami thanks to the protection of the headland rocks.

There are sun loungers lined along most of the beach. They cost 100 baht each. It is a popular beach but quieter than its neighbours Kata Beach, Karon Beach and Patong. There are a few water-sport activities such as jet-skis and banana boats but mostly these stay at the busier beaches.

During the rainy season, this is one of the more dangerous beaches. That does not deter the surfers who favour this beach and Kata as Phuket’s favourite surfing locations.

How to Get There

It is well signposted. The resort towns of Kata and Karon merge together. Drive south along the Karon beach road, turn right at the end and you will come to Kata Beach. To see Kata Noi, go to the south end of Kata, turn right and go straight up the hill. This is a dead end road leading only to Kata Beach.


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