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Kan Eang@Pier, Phuket

Kan Eang@Pier, Phuket

Jun 30, 2016

More than 30 years ago Kan Eang was a simple place to eat,

serving the highest quality seafood

and preparing it southern Thai style.

Long a favourite amongs locals

and visitors to Phuket,

this place to dine underwent renovations several years ago.

Although its name has changed to Kan Eang@pier,

it still carries on the tradition of serving fresh seafood

and other specialties in its new stylish environment.

Kan Eang@Pier oozes class, tasteful design and dining comfort.

‘Kan eang’ roughly translates as ‘easy going’ and it’s true that,

for a large restaurant dealing with so many people on a daily basis,

the atmosphere at Kan Eang still stays somewhat laid back and relaxed.

For many visitors to the island Kan Eang@Pier is a must-do experience

that rates along with FantaSea or Simon Cabaret – it is essentially part of Phuket’s personality.

Kan Eang@Pier offer an idyllic setting for an exceptional dining experience.

Serving freshly caught and live seafood in any cooking style and local Thai specialties.

Terrific food, stunning views and a striking setting overlooking Chalong Bay.

Kan Eang@pier is more than a restaurant, it is a destination.

Seafood, Thai and Japanese food are the restaurant’s culinary treats.

A selection of wines from around the world are available as well as cocktails

and cold beer to have with dishes. The outside seating area is 200 meters long giving diners

unparalleled views of Chalong Bay, the pier, the boats  and the islands.

‘Kan Eang’ is the Thai expression that means ‘feel at ease’.

With views of Chalong Bay and delicious food in a stunning setting,

the restaurant certainly lives up to its name.



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