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Jungceylon – Phuket’s Shopping Epicentre

Jungceylon – Phuket’s Shopping Epicentre

Jul 22, 2011

Standing downtown, diagonally opposite Bangla Road, the Jungceylon Shopping Complex has radically changed the face of shopping in Patong. The two main stores in the complex are Robinson – a gleaming well-lit upper end department store, and Carrefour – a French-based supermarket.
The 200-plus other stores in this shopping heaven sell brand-name clothes, spectacles, sunglasses, colognes and perfumes, shoes, DVD-CD-VCD’s, computer games, electrical goods, pewter, gold and silver, sportswear and goods amongst myriad other items.

Shopping Arcade
Downstairs at Jungceylon you can buy everything from a Kashmir-made rug to a facial massage. It’s all cheerfully lit and open spaced and is designed to handle an estimated 45,000 shoppers daily – though this figure seems a little optimistic, given that Patong’s official population is 14,700 (and swells to up to 60,000 in high season). Still, it’s good to have enough elbow room while shopping..
There are some great bargains to be had here but you have to dig a little. And big doesn’t necessarily mean best: One large optician outlet was offering Ray-Ban Aviators for 7,000 baht whereas a smaller competitor was sold out of them – because they’d disregarded the factory ‘recommended’ price of 5,400 baht and offered exactly the same model of Aviators at 3,000 baht. One facial massage parlour was asking 2,500 baht for an 80-minute treatment whereas across the way, an hour’s facial massage was 360 baht. Caveat emptor indeed…

Where to Eat in Jungceylon
Jungceylon is a wonderful destination for both shopping and dining enthusiasts. Around the areas known as the Port Square, Silang Boulevard and Sino Phuket Zone you’ll find rows of restaurants, bars and coffee shops serving Thai, European, Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Like a large courtyard, the Sino Phuket Zone is an ‘open-air’ set up (it’s actually covered but the roof is so high up, you won’t notice it.)
Most venues along this strip provide not only indoors but also ‘outdoors’ seating, making it the perfect place to experience good food or to just hang out and people watch all year round, come rain or shine.
We like Joe Louis Thai Restaurant

Themed restaurants can be tricky to pull off but Joe Louis, with its well-displayed puppets originally used in the multi-award-winning Joe Louis puppet theatre in Bangkok, is a winner. This beautiful restaurant deals primarily in Thai food with specialty dishes such as tom yam river prawns, spicy sliced Chinese kale stalks, salad with ground pork and shrimp, and spicy salted duck’s egg paste with vegetables. For visitors it’s good to know that the original ‘Thainess’ is intact – but without scalding-hot sauces and peppers. English-speaking friendly service.
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
Location: Second Floor at Silang Boulevard Zone
Tel: +66 (0) 76-366 740
Cuisine: Thai


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