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Jet Skis on Phuket

Jet Skis on Phuket

Oct 4, 2016

 There are five Phuket beaches

where you can legally use a Jet Ski

Karon, Patong, Kata, Kamala

and Bangtao beaches.

You have to be a bit careful

when renting a Jet Ski on Phuket.

You should only rent from licensed Jet Ski operators

and their licenses should be available for inspection.

You could be fined for renting from a vendor without a license.

Anyone operating a Jet Ski in Phuket is also supposed to hold a

‘Second Class Helmsmen of Power Driven Sea-going Vessels’ certificate.

If you have not got one (which we can assume most people do not!)

there is seldom a problem. However, if you have an accident it is more serious.

Operating a Jet Ski without such a certificate means if you have an accident

you could pay a fine of 10,000 Baht! If you are worried about this,

just go on a Jet Ski as a passenger.

Phuket law dictates that if you travel on a Jet Ski even as a passenger

you must wear a life jacket that has a whistle – not a bad idea anyway really!

In addition, according to the law, you should not go further than 500 metres

away form the coastline – again, pretty much commonsense.

Likewise, if sea conditions are such that a red flag is raised to people stop swimming,

you are not allowed to use Jet Skis… again, a very practical law

which most people should be happy to follow


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