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Impiana Phuket

Impiana Phuket

Sep 24, 2012

Impiana is one of the most famous of luxury hotels on

Patong beach of Phuket. The hotel is styled one Best Thailand Hotels

for travelling with beautiful natural.

The hotel is an unostentatious for his restaurant and Thai cuisine.

Straightway access to Patong beach that the hotel was reduced time

for your crossing the street.

Impiana Phuket Cabana provides a panoramic views

and has a many types of rooms for every customers.

 The “Sala Bua” restaurant is opened all day with many menu of Thai Food and Fusion cuisine.

Other cuisine such as the “3 Spices” for Asian and International, the “La Salsa” for Latin.

Around gardens, the hotel was perfectly renovated and includes total 80 rooms.

Accommodation includes a lobby, safes, a  currency exchange section, a mini supermarket, salon etc.

We could found the building as a bungalow style and

the shop would vary the rest of the resort.


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