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Crazy nights in Patong and Bangla road

Crazy nights in Patong and Bangla road

Jul 22, 2011

Among all of Phuket’s resorts and beaches with high tourist appeal, there is one which is by far the most notorious when it comes to entertainment and night-life: Patong Beach. And, within that, Bangla Road represents the main focal point for those wishing to have a blast during the night, regardless of what their definition of ‘fun’ is.

Indeed, Patong looks as if it offers them all. In spite of the more strongly enforced, stricter regulations put in place in recent years to make it more accessible and acceptable for families with children or tourists just looking to relax, which have been successful to a certain extent, even those looking for entertainment of a rather more ‘exotic’ nature are still able to find what they seek provided they look carefully enough. However, it should be kept in mind that, presently, all bars and night clubs in the resort are required to close by 2a.m. and that those remaining open until the early hours of the morning are not exactly on the right side of the law.

Furthermore, present regulations state that identification must be provided before entering any kind of night-time establishment – and especially those where drinks and maybe food are not exactly the only things on the menu – in order to prevent tourists under the legal age from going in or causing trouble. Most bars and discos in Patong are actually enforcing the rule, as it has been observed to make the area more tourist-friendly and less dangerous, leading to significantly fewer brawls or incidents. Compared to several years back, Patong has become an area friendly to both party-lovers and families, where there needn’t be any worries about the ‘fashion police’ so often found in places such as Ibiza. Phuket’s main entertainment area does not, fortunately, have the opulence or high-class fashion orientation of other similar places around the world, leaving anyone free to dress however they want in a friendly atmosphere filled with an international air, as long as it is not particularly offending, while enjoying a few drinks next to other tourists from all of the world’s countries who do not see a main purpose in getting drunk into oblivion.

And for those wondering what kind of night-time entertainment they can enjoy in Patong, the following lines will speak a few words about its beer bars, go-go bars, night clubs, karaoke bars, live music pubs, gay bars and even luxury establishments available there. A short overview of what visitors should be aware of while walking down Bangla and the neighbouring sois – or side streets – in order to avoid unpleasant incidents will also be given.

A little selection of cool places
Beer Bar: This is a bar, usually open to the street, in which many working girls try to entice male customers to drink (and possibly more) with them. The majority of bars along Bangla and the side streets are Beer Bars.

Go-Go Bar: A Go-Go Bar includes a stage with girls dancing, often around poles; Go-Go Bars are usually enclosed. Some establishments charge entry fees, but will allow patrons a look inside first; it is perfectly acceptable to do look before paying admission.

Bar Girl: Also known as Bar Hostesses, these are girls who are employed by the bar to drink with, chat up, and otherwise entertain the customers.

Lady Drink: A small drink that a customer buys for the Bar Girl; usually expensive, this drink will increase the amount of attention she pays to a given customer.

Bar Fine: When a customer chooses to take a Bar Girl elsewhere for a “date,” the customer must pay a fee to cover the time that the girl is out of the bar. In addition, the girl herself expects some sort of compensation.

Hanging Bell: Many Beer Bars have installed a hanging bell in a location where customers can easily ring it; when rung, it indicates that the bell-ringer has just purchased a round of drinks for the patrons in the bar.

Ladyboy; Katoey: These are the transvestites who inhabit the bars and streets of Bangla Road. It’s often very difficult to distinguish them from Bar Girls; fancy colorful dresses and height can help to identify the true gender, but sometimes not.

Shows: Some establishments have special shows that are performed at various intervals; common variations include the Ping Pong Show (involving ping pong balls and an intimate area of the body) and lesbian shows featuring two or more girls. Another popular type of show involves an artist quickly painting designs on a girl’s body under a black light.



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