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Chai Yo Restaurant

Chai Yo Restaurant

Oct 26, 2015

Chai Yo Restaurant

is Thai for ‘hip hip hooray’

The restaurant is located on the bank of a small river.

There are tables by the river

and also some salas where you can sit Thai style

on the floor around a low table.

There is also a covered seating area set back from the river

that is beautifully sculptured from teak.

The restaurant has live fish and crabs in holding nets in the river

so you can be sure your food is fresh. They also serve non-seafood dishes.


Chai Yo Restaurant on the bank of a small river.

It is a shame the concrete pipes they have now lined along the riverbank

have slightly spoiled the natural beauty of the location.

When the tsunami struck the wave rolled right up the river flooding out the restaurant

and washing away their entire fish stock.

After that, they felt the need to build some protection.

You can rent canoes here to explore the small river or make the short journey to the sea.

There is also a small pond with a paddling boat for children.

The customers here are mostly Thais and a few ex-pats.

Not many tourists find this restaurant. They have an English language menu.

Drive into Cape Panwa on Sakdidet Road.

Turn right at the third set of traffic lights and you will come to a three-way intersection

with a small monument in the middle.

Turn left at this intersection and follow the road for approx two kilometers.

The restaurant is on the right hand side at the bottom of a hill.

If you reach the mouth of the small river, you have gone too far.


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