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Boat Lagoon Resort

Boat Lagoon Resort

May 14, 2015

Part of a large marina complex,

guests at this resort often dock boats there

and use the location as a base to explore the Andaman Sea.

Located next to the marina, the resort is 20km

from the airport and just eight from Phuket Town.

The Boat Lagoon Resort offers a wide variety of accommodations

with architectural touches that reflect Thai, Shino-Portuguese, and Balinese styles.

The property is fully equipped and, aside from the 300-plus luxury rooms,

there are also serviced apartments and low-rise condominiums

with available broadband Internet access.

A supermarket, shopping area, ATM machines, restaurants, fitness center,

sauna, swimming pool, tennis court, jogging track,

and park are also located on the premises.

The resort also includes excellent dining venues, all of which are open until midnight.

Boat Lagoon Resort provides

an excellent accommodation choice on the largest Thai island.


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