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Banana Disco, nightlife in Phuket

Banana Disco, nightlife in Phuket

Jul 2, 2011

Banana Disco, located on the beach road not really far from Bangla Road, is one of the two oldest clubs in Patong.  It only starts to get busy enough to be interesting past eleven with a good mix of young Thais and tourists, so don’t come too early to this one or you might feel lonely. With a high-tech laser light system and a good sound system, it has the most sophisticated disco technology in and around Patong. The dance floor is large  and spacious. Price is 200 baht but includes a drink and once you’ve got your hand ‘stamped’, you can leave and come back anytime.

☆ The Banana Disco is located on beach road (Thaweewong Road) around 50 meters from the western end of the Soi Bangla.
☼ Price 200 baht, includes a drink


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